December 20, 2008

Anderson Preview

EM! These same pictures that you see are also saved with NO words on them... just so you know! Let me know which ones you would like for your prints! We should have them to you by Monday night.

November 19, 2008

Prices & Booking

You will always receive a CD with the original and edited pictures!

To Schedule an appointment please contact:
Click Button to your right to book online --->


30 Minute Photo Shoot $39.00*
Up to 7 people
Up to 75 Pictures
8 Custom Edited Photos
CD including ALL Pictures
Copyright Release

60 Minute Photo Shoot $65.00*
Up to 20 people
Up to 175 Pictures
16 Custom Edited Photos
CD including ALL Pictures
Copyright Release

90 Minute Photo Shoot $90.00*
As many people as you want
up to 225 Pictures
24 Custom Edited Photos
CD including ALL Pictures
Copyright Release

*Each shoot depends on the number of people. Since working with large groups takes much more time to set up and get attention for pictures, we ask that you book a longer shoot to have success. *

November 1, 2008


Every month I GIVE AWAY a 30 Minute session for FREE. I will post a photo that says "Comment on this Photo and Win" Everyone who comments will be entered into a drawing. You will have until the end of the month to post a comment (or send an email). The winner will be announced on my blog, so keep your eyes peeled!

Click HERE to enter this month's Free Photo Shoot!



1. Post a comment on the picture when it's time for the give away
2. Put a link from YOUR blog to mine & turn on the picture function (like my blog has) or grab my button (On the Right, scroll down a little)
3. If your blog is private, please add me so I can view it.

If I draw your name you MUST have a link/button on your blog to mine in order to win the free photo shoot.


1. Send an email to at least 5 people in your family or friends to encourage them to view my web page.
2. Include me ( on the email that you send to your friends and family.

If I draw your name I MUST have seen the email to your friends and family in order for you to win.

Please NOTE!
The ENTIRE reason I give away these free photo shoots is to get my name out there, so people can get their pictures done for a decent price. My goal is to be busy enough with pictures that I can keep my prices very low so more people can afford to have pictures taken when they WANT them.


To Schedule an appointment please contact:


FYI: I'm happy to travel anywhere between St. George and Idaho Falls free of charge if you have 4 sessions booked for the same day. I can do appointments in Garfield County on Saturdays.

To see prices click HERE
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