November 26, 2011

Family Pictures, Spanish Fork Utah: Williams Family

Check out this beautiful little family! This was my first shoot at the Sugar Beet Factory and it was so fun! We got some great shots. Click here to see all the edits!

November 22, 2011

Utah Family Photography: The Carlsons from Heber!

So!  Many of you may recognize the beautiful girl on the left.  We did her wedding back in the summer, but I'm happy to introduce you to her super amazing family.  Her dad Brett, runs My Promo Ink.  I have ordered hundreds of t-shirts and keychains through his company, and they have done a phenomenal job with a very short turn around time!  (Thanks Brett!)  What an awesome family!!!  Click HERE to see the edits!


Dalton's Restaurant in Payson

For those of you who don't know, Dalton's in Payson has made a few changes!  One of those changes includes a chef with an amazing menu.  If you scroll down to the chocolate cake with the marshmallows, chocolate frosting, chocolate chips and walnuts, I had the chance to try  it.  Can we say AMAZING!????  These are just a few examples of the yummy food they have put on the menu at Dalton's in Payson.  Click HERE to see the edits

Gartrell Shoot Wheeler Farm

Carly and Danny... you guys rocked it :)
Such an awesome pair  to work with. I'm looking forward to working with you two again!!

Oakerland Family Peery Hotel

Thanks Oakerlands for a fun time in the Peery hotel. Cute little guy :)

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