April 29, 2012

Senior Portraits: Annika

Um...So this girl is absolutely stunning. S T U N N I N G! She was also an absolute blast to hang out with. She had such a fun personality and her sense of humor matched mine (thanks for laughing at my jokes Annika. I feel less like a dork). Here are some of my favorites from her session:

April 28, 2012

Super cute couple!

These two were so lovely to photograph. They were funny, relaxed and so cute together. Earlier that day it rained, but as soon as it was time to shoot, the sun came out and it was so beautiful. These are a few of my favorites:

This cute girl graduates this year! Woo-hoo! She was just a blast to hang out with and photograph, such a natural! Congratulations, Tana and I wish you the BEST of luck! HERE are the edits. 


This was such a fun and sweet family! We got all the pics we needed JUST before the rain hit. They were so fun and such troopers! Thanks, guys! Click HERE to see the edits.


April 26, 2012

Zac & Morgan St George Wedding!

This wedding has a really cool story for me!  So, I met Zac probably 15-16 years ago, we both lived in the same small town, then he moved away.  We worked with Morgan to schedule the wedding and engagements, and when I showed up to take them, I saw ZAC!  It was SO fun!  My sister bought a new house, and I went to her house 2 days after the engagements, and Morgan happened to be her new next door neighbor... Do I think this is chance?  Not even!  These to have been so much fun to get to know, and I wish them the very best!  We did their pictures down in St. George at her grandma's house.  It was gorgeous! It only rained really bad a few times ;)  We ended up taking wedding pictures in the rain!  But don't you think they turned out amazing?!  It was so much fun!  Click HERE to see the rest of the edits!

xoxo Christy




Smith Family

What a fun and delightful family, it was fun getting to know them and then finding out that they live down the street not far from me.  CLICK HERE to view other edited images.

Sarah Blancher, Senior

Sarah's shoot was fun, she is a beautiful young lady with a bright future ahead of her! CLICK HERE to see other edited images.

Sam Perkins, Senior

Hobble Creek turned out to be a great place to do Sam's shoot, he even played music while I was shooting, how cool is that! Click HERE to view the other edited images. http://www.instaproofs.com/IPSlideshow_offsite.html?cid=1473338&uid=12466&eid=586175&pid=

Salem Photography: Baptism Pictures: Emmalee Cope

Such a sweet little girl at such a special time in her life! Click here to see the rest of the edits.

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