August 13, 2009

Wedding Pictures: Bailey

This was SUCH a fun wedding! Something entertaining or exciting was happening the entire time. Awwwwww it makes me want to get married all over again! Weddings are so romantic! Lacey, thanks for trusting me to do your wedding! There are plenty more pictures than this (500+), here are some of the highlights...

The Location

The Decorations:

Look how cool these pens were for the guest book!! These are definitely the most creative ones I've seen!

The Cake: I loved how bright these flowers were!!

Flowers: You HAVE to look close at these.... probably the coolest flowers I've ever seen. They are REAL and the have jewels in the middle... Lacey came up with this on her own!

The Ceremony: Before Lacey came downstairs, she was in front of these HUGE mirrors and it looked awesome!!

First Kiss as husband and wife

...signing the marriage license.

Look how long the train on this dress is!! Amazing!!

Bride + Groom, Friends and Family... the pictures you really want to see!

Wedding Rings: Let's admit it... all of us girls will totally click on this picture and enlarge it :) It's a girl thing, and we can't help it.

Some fun random pictures. Look at this beautiful little girl!

Cutting the cake: The bride had given the groom STRICT instructions about how he SHOULD NOT smash the cake in her face... and then she proceeds to smear it all over him, and runs off! It was hilarious! ....He is learning quickly what marriage is like!

First Dance as Mr. and Mrs. Jason Bailey

Father-Daughter and Mother-Son Dances: You could tell that these two love birds definitely have a great relationship with their parents

I caught Lacey while Jason was dancing with his mom.

The MONEY Dance: These next few pictures were a blast to take! The money dance is where people offer the groom or bride money to dance with them, as a wedding gift. As you can see below, the bride and groom definitely earned their money!

After the money dance, they played some spunky songs to ge the party hoppin'. This particular picture was during Kelly Clarkson "My Life Would Suck Without You". You can tell they were having lots of fun!!

Getting ready to throw the bouquet!

Even though it was dark, I think this is one of my favorite shots of Lacey and Jason. They are fun and adventurous, and it really showcases who their fun personalities :)
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