August 31, 2012

Salem Photography: Family Pictures: Clark Family

This was a wonderful family to work with. They traveled down here for their pictures and stuck it out through the rain and clouds (and then blinding sun). Crazy Utah weather. :) Here are the edits.
                                                                   -Megan :)

Ashley & Alex, Wedding

Family and friends coming together to celebrate Alex and Ashley's wedding make a great day and good memories. Click HERE to view more images

Ashley & Alex, Bridals

I love both of your personalities and the way you react with each other, I wish you the best, enjoy the pics! Click HERE to see more images.

Salem Photography: School Pictures: Burr Kids

These girls are insanely cute. There is nothing cuter than little girls in pink. And, they are getting a baby brother soon! Here are the edits.
                                                                    -Megan :)

August 30, 2012

Baby Photography: Britni's bouncing baby boy, Brecken!

Brecken is officially my new favorite 5-month-old!  The poor little guy got woken up from a lovely afternoon nap to get his pictures taken.  But as you can see, he didn't let that get him down.  What a cutie pie.  Click here to see the rest of the edits.

Leilani & Robert, Engagement

Great couple, great location! Looking forward to the wedding! Click HERE to view more images.

August 27, 2012

Payson Photography: Extended Family Pictures: Canaan Family

I think this group might set the record for "highest number of photogenic people in one shot." How lucky that they are related!  Click here to see the rest of the edits.

Mapleton Photography: Family Pictures: Feller Family

I am so glad that this family was able to fit in family pictures between a son just coming home from a mission and dropping him off at BYU. And, I am really glad that I got to work with them. They were a blast! And, I had a lovely assistant. :) Here are the edits.
                                                           -Megan :)
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