March 24, 2009

Shelbie's Senior Pictures

Shelb+MaLesa! I have these all in color black and white and faded color. If they have words, I have them without the words too :)

Senior Pictures, Shelbie Hone, Spanish Fork High, CheapShots! Photography

March 6, 2009

Jocelyn = 1 year

Look at this QT!! Joy FYI if the picture is black and white, I also have the same one in color for you. If it has writing, I also have it without writing. If the color is faded, I also have it with vibrant color. Just so you know!!! Thanks for letting me take pictures of your little girl.

I love this one because her name is embedded in the windshield of the truck. (above)

This is TOTALLY what it reminded me of!!! She even has her "game face" on! Right on girlfriend!

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