September 29, 2010

Spanish Fork Photography: Office: Advanced Eye Care

If you're looking for a great Spanish Fork Eye Doctor, these guys are AWESOME!! They are so much fun and it's run by a very hard-working family. I love finding out about these great local companies! Here are the Edits!

September 28, 2010

Elk Ridge Photography: Family Pictures: Tara Holsman

Such a Fun Family!! Click here to see more!

Wedding Photography: Ron & Reiel Wedding & Reception

You guys are so much fun!!! It was such a beautiful wedding! Congrats!!

Click here to see the wedding slideshow!

Click here to see the reception slideshow!

Provo Family Photographer: Terry & Christina, Baby Mae

You guys! I love how these turned out! Just so the rest of you know... Terry and Christina only have one kid, but my little girl McKinlee has adopted them as family, and little Mae as her best friend. She wanted to be in all the pictures because she knows these guys and loves them so much. So we let her in with Mae, and those two were SO cute together! So, without anymore waiting, here are the pictures of some of the GREATEST (and I'm not being sarcastic!) friends I've ever had! Click HERE

September 21, 2010

September 20, 2010

Draper Engagement Pictures: Joseph & Mickell

Joseph and Mickell! It was great to meet you! I would definitely say you have one of the most unique love stories ever!! I'm SO excited to do your bridals/wedding/reception!! Here are the engagement pictures... Click HERE to see all the edits!

September 15, 2010

Hiring Photographer

First thank you for sending so many clients our way! We have had such a huge influx of photo shoots that our demand is going out the roof! Between weddings and birthdays, family shoots, and school pictures, we've got appointments booked clear into December right now. We are looking to add a few people to our team. Here are the things that we are looking for

This will be a job that you can do from home once you are trained.

1. Work well with kids/families, energetic and outgoing
2. Must have their own camera 10 or more mega pixels (Nikon or Canon a plus!)
3. Must be responsible for transportation, and checking schedule
4. You have to be creative, and you have to be on-time and communicate well with our clients

Experience is great, but I can teach you everything I want you to know on the camera. I can't teach you to love kids or have great people skills, so this is my #1 priority. I'm more concerned that we get someone who is a good team player and will be focused on delivering our clients what the expect from us, and making photo shoots really really fun instead of hard for families.

We have two immediate openings that are part-time. Ideally, we would like one or two pepole from the Utah County area, and one from the Salt Lake area.

Please send your resume to along with 2-3 pictures that you've taken.

If you read this and know someone who would be a good candidate, we are VERY flexible with scheduling, so please have them contact us. Even if we can have them for 5-6 appointments a week, that would be great!

Pay will start around 15-20 per hour, depending on experience.

Wedding Photography: Newsom

Such a fun wedding! I don't think this bride could have been more hilarious! I would be in the middle of taking pictures and then she would pull a face... TOO funny!! Click here to see more!

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