February 28, 2013

Family Pictures: Studio: Turner Family

This little family was so much fun. Their little girl was cracking me up because most of the time she was either staring at my camera or had her tongue out. :) She was too cute! Only at the very end when her daddy was doing some silly dances/ noises did her smiles come out. But, they were worth the wait! Here are some of my favorites.
-Megan :)

Baptism Pictures: Studio: Neilsen Twins

These two were just a joy. They both turned 8 this week and they were so adorable. My favorite thing about the shoot? How much they love each other! They kept hugging and wanted to whisper "I love you" to each other. I could have melted! I hope they are always that tender together! Here are my favorites from the shoot.
-Megan :)

February 26, 2013

Bridals: Studio: Sydney

This girl is amazing. I did their engagements a while back and they were such troopers because of the weather, but luckily we were MEANT to be in the studio tonight. I had high hopes and dreams for this shoot- only because I had just purchased a few wedding magazines and was drooling over the inspiration. So without further adieu..... here are the results of said inspiration :) (And it helps that they bride was GORGEOUS!!!!)

February 20, 2013

Kid Shoot: Studio: Contest Winners!

This cutie patootie bunch won one of our cutest kids contest. And can I tell you how GORGEOUS they all are? I mean... seriously..... I didn't want this shoot to end because they were all so pretty!! They are all going to be models- I swear :)

Engagement Shoot: Studio: Amanda and Jonathan

I love this couple. They brought their 3 boys in with them for this shoot to get a few family shots and it was such a riot! They were so nice and patient with me as I experimented new poses and lighting... and the result was amazing. I am so excited to do their wedding- Cant' wait!!

Teen Shoot: STudio: Lisa Ivers

Ok- this is hands down one of the most beautiful girls ever! She was getting some pictures for a dance magazine she was going to be in and was so adorable. Can we say MODEL?!?!?!

Little Girl Shoot: Studio: Carrie Rockwood

These little girls were to die for. They were so funny! You can see how adorable they were- I LOVED how these pictures turned out. I think they totally capture their little personalities and how happy they are. Thanks for coming in your guys... it was a blast :)

Little Boy Shoot; Studio: Myrinda Barnes

I was so in love with this little guy. He was just a hoot the whole time and was so perfect for the camera. As you can see in the pictures, his cute little personality showed right through!

February 19, 2013

Family Shoot: Studio: Sophia Nicole

I absolutely LOVED this family. Their little boy Tristan was one of the cutest things ever. Sophia won our free photoshoot from Facebook and luckily it was prior to them moving- because they are leaving for California TOMORROW!!! I'm so glad I was able to do this shoot, it was a blast and the pics came out fantastic! Good luck guys!!!

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