August 30, 2010

School Pictures $35, ALL YOUR KIDS!

Hey everyone!

We have had such a huge turn out this fall for family and school pictures!! We are about 1/2 way booked for September, and already have appointments booked in October, so I would recommend getting a date/time set out for your family. Here are the two specials we are running:

School pictures: $35, includes all your kids-exp Sept 31
(75-250 pictures, 30 minute shoot, 8 edited pictures, all original and edited pictures on CD with copyright release) By the way, it doesn't matter how many kids you have, the $35 is all inclusive.

Fall Family Pictures: $65, 1 hour shoot, Christmas Card Design, exp Dec 11
(150-550 pictures, 60 minute shoot, 16 edited pictures, all original and edited pictures on CD with copyright release, OPTION to use 1 edit as 5x7 Christmas Card)

Also remember that when you refer someone, you get a free 8x10, and we are having lots of our clients use this to get all their kid's 8x10s done for school pictures. You can also save 8x10 pictures and change them for 11x14 or 16x20 etc... It's just our way of saying thanks for referring your friends and family to us. It's fun to meet your extended families!!

I can't tell you enough how much we appreciate all of our clients that come to us! You guys are the best, and we are so fortunate to do work for you! I love when we get to do your pictures over and over again!! Thanks for all your support and please don't hesitate to let us know if there's a way our business can improve! This isn't about us, it's about you, so remember that!

xo Christy

American Fork Photography: Family: Beth

This was an awesome family!! Their kids are so fun to work with! Here is the slideshow!!

Spanish Fork Photography: Kids: Barbara

This was a great family to work with!! They are so cute!! Here is the SliDeShOw!

August 25, 2010

Mabe Reception

Such a fun reception! Click here to see more!

Logan Temple Wedding Pictures: Mabe

Hey you two!! Here are the pictures from your wedding! I absolutely loved doing wedding pictures at the Logan Temple! Thanks for letting me do them. Here is a SLIDESHOW with the rest of the edited pictures.

August 23, 2010

Spanish Fork Photography: Family: Skyler and Nicole

Hey you two! Here are the previews for your pictures! We took a total of about 450-ish pictures. I hope you like them! Here is a SLIDESHOW with the rest of the proofs.

Hey you two! Here are the previews for your pictures! We took a total of about 450-ish pictures. I hope you like them!

August 18, 2010

Spanish Fork Photography: Baby Pictures: Bowers

Look at this sweet baby and family! Click here to see more!

Utah County Fair!


Hi Everyone!! I just wanted to give you a heads up that we will be at the Utah County Fair this week! We have a lot of fun things going on...

Enter to win a free 15 minute shoot, 16x20 or 8x10
Buy $1 raffle ticket to win 60 minute photo shoot
Get $10 off either a 30 minute shoot or a 60 minute shoot

We have on display some enlargements for you to come and see... 16x20 and 20x30 so you can see the quality of our work

ALSO we are doing a school picture special where you receive ALL your kids pictures for $35. Killer deal huh? Oh... no hidden fees. And if you refer a friend, you and your friend both get a free 8x10 when your friend completes their shoot.

We will have custom temple pictures for sale. (preview below)
The prices are as follows
If you want to customize any size, it's a flat fee of $10 (takes the same amount of time for each print, regardless of the size)

See??!? Aren't they soooooo cool? If you tell me you saw this on my blog, I will customize your picture for FREE... Click HERE to see a listing of all the temples and view the temple pictures we currently have. Well guys, it looks like it's going to be an adventurous weekend at the Utah County Fair!

Thank you for all of your support. CheapShots! wouldn't be able to keep low prices without the volume of clients you send our way. You guys are the best!!

August 11, 2010

Family & 1 year Pictures: Loveless

For this shoot we did a few family pictures, and the rest were of cute Elle who loves to clap! Here is the slideshow!

Newcomb Family!

These guys were so much fun!.... make sure you check out the newborn's hair on the top back row... unbelievably thick! Here's the slideshow!

Here's the mirrored images for vertical prints.

August 10, 2010

Tips for wedding photographers

Here are some great tips that I found for wedding photographers!  At CheapShots! We are always working our guts out figuring out where we can do better, which is why our team is so great!  Here is what we found!

1. Have a ‘Shot List’

What would they like to be included on their picture album? What are the must-have picture moments before, during, and after the wedding day? By listing down in advance what moments they want to be captured will make their wedding photography project a much easier task. Imagine forgetting to take a picture of the couple together with his or her grandma!

2. Assign a Family Photo Coordinator

One stressful part of the photo session is making sure that all family members are present for the shoot. Everyone couldn’t help but enjoy the celebration, so it wouldn’t be surprising if they are all over the place. A family photo coordinator, one for each side of the family if needed, should be assigned to organize everyone for the shot and keep things moving to make sure that the couple will have more time to relish the ‘festive spirit’.

3. Take a good look at the location

This should be done in order to determine the size of the place, where the lighting is best situated, what are the perfect spots for taking the shots, all those things. You can even take a few test shots which can also be used for the couple’s engagement photos.

4. Anticipate everything

They want it to be perfect but you shouldn’t assume that everything will go smoothly as you planned it. So it is good to prepare a back-up plan just in case a bad weather appears. Check the traffic situation on the routes to the wedding destination so you can suggest alternatives for the family members and visitors attending. Charge your batteries and bring extras. Make sure your memory cards are blank (and working!).

5. Set your expectations

Research the work/style of professional wedding photographers that you admire to find out which one works best for the couple. If they wish to have a wedding theme, determine the kind of shots they want to you to take to complement their expectations. You also have to know in advance the cost of all the printed shots so they will not be caught off guard with the amount.

6. Mute the sound setting of your Camera

Do not forget to turn off the sound before the wedding ceremony to avoid ruining the special moments like the kiss or dramatic speeches given by family members and friends.7. Capture even the smallest details of the event
Do not underestimate the power of details – flowers, rings, the shoes, the hair and even the back of the dress! The menus, table settings, a balloon that escaped to the air, those little things that would add depth and meaning to their wedding album.

8. Have another Camera for standby

Because you will never know if your trusted camera will do just fine in the entirety of the program. Prepare another camera, set it up with a different lens, and use it to shoot different angles of the same shot.

9. Consider an alternative Wedding Photographer

If you have an alternative wedding photographer, the more chances of taking shots from different spots at the same time. You can even talk to your wedding photographers of taking a formal and a candid shot of the same person or situation.

10. The sky is the limit

You can be as funny and refreshing or as serious and passionate as you want to be! It all depends on what shots should be included or how they want the person or situation to be taken. Visualize the right angle, position, or setup. Take candid shots of the key moments. Do not be afraid to ask people politely to position themselves in the best angle you think they would be.

11. Learn how to Use Diffused Lighting

The key is to know how to bounce a flash or diffuse it. Usually, church lighting is not conducive to great picture taking moments. Use a flash if it is allowed but if it is not possible, use a fast lens at wide apertures and/or bump up the ISO.

12. Try capturing pictures in RAW

The couple’s wedding day is the perfect time to do this because it allows more flexibility in manipulating the shots.

13. Put your pictures on display at the Reception

Take advantage of the fact that the whole world can see exactly what just took place in the most romantic moment of the couple’s life. Upload the pictures to a computer or a laptop and display them on a slideshow.

14. Determine the kind of Backgrounds

you will haveChoose uncluttered areas, romantic spots, and shaded portions of the location as your background, especially for your formal shots.

15. Don’t throw away ‘rejects’

Simply because you don’t like it the first time you viewed it doesn’t mean that you cannot use it as part of the wedding album or wedding magazine. Remember that you can always edit all the shots so you can print out the kind of pictures that you think are of the highest quality.

16. Add a creative Perspective

Formal shots are essential to the couple’s wedding album or wedding magazine. But do not forget to take shots from down low, up high, at wide angles etc. to add excitement and originality to your work.

17. Take Wedding Group Shots

Of course, it is good to know that you have not forgotten to take pictures of everyone present in the couple’s wedding day. So that means, climbing a ladder or positioning yourself up in the balcony where you can see everyone and take pictures. Get the bride and groom to be in the middle of a group you want to photograph.

18. Fill in Flash for Tricky Lighting

It is a good thing to give a little fill in flash when shooting after the wedding ceremony or during formal shots. You can dial it back a little (a stop or two) so that shots are not blown out. Fill in flash is a must for shadowy settings or midday shooting conditions.

19. Continuous Shooting Mode for Posed Shots

Use this mode when you are taking formal or posed shots of the couple and other guests. The best shots are sometimes not the first one so you should be able to capture it.

20. Be prepared for the unexpected

Things happen even after you have organized everything and did your homework. The groom’s fly is unzipped, the bride trips a little bit, the flower girl makes tantrums in the middle of the aisle, those things. Do not panic and strive to capture the best angles of the most uncomfortable situations. The couple will forever thank you for that. They might even just laugh afterwards and cherish the fact that it was taken on picture.

21. Enjoy the day

Be relaxed and strive for a good mood. A positive attitude is your best tool for capturing the best parts of the wedding event.

Spanish Fork Photography: Baptism Pictures, Felicity!

You can't tell me these aren't cute! I LOVE them!! We had so much fun doing these baptism pictures! Here is the SLIDESHOW

To see more Spanish Fork Photography, go to, click on gallery, then proofs!
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