December 14, 2009

Help a Family in Need

Just a reminder! I need everything by this FRIDAY! Dec 18

Thanks for your nominations of the different families that have been submitted for the free photo shoot. Upon receiving this entry, we have decided to give the photo shoot to this family. Please read through the reasons why they deserve the photo shoot. They are an inspiration to all to keep going regardless of what is thrown at you. Before you continue to read their story, it's important that you know CheapShots will be doing a HUGE drive for them (Food, toys, cash, clothes) and the information will be at the bottom of the post. We want this to be their best Christmas ever, please help us make it happen.

"My uncle Justin and his wife, my aunt Rachel, have three kids. Oakley is 8, Sarah is 7, and Carter is 2. They live in Sandy. They moved here from Colorado in 2002 because my uncle got an amazing job offer as a manager at Gateway computers. However, he was laid off about a year later. Since then, their luck has gone from bad to worse to unimaginable. Due mostly to the economy and his never-ending health issues, Justin has not been able to keep a job for more than 6 months. He has not had a job since October 2008. His wife cuts hair out of her home for $10 a person and babysits 11 different kids throughout the week, but it is not enough. This summer, Justin began throwing up blood, but for three days thought it was juice. After passing out and being rushed to the ER, they found out the inside of his throat had been cut, probably from food that wasn't chewed properly, and he was in the ICU for a week. He then went to visit his parents in Colorado, and while staying at a hotel was robbed of all his pain killers. Because he was also on medication that makes him drowsy, the cops insisted he had not been robbed but had probably taken all the pills himself, and his stomach was pumped. Because he did not have anything in his system, this also caused him to be placed in the hospital to recover. Justin was attending the University of Phoenix in hopes of receiving a bachelor's degree and then an MBA. Because of his health issues this summer, the U of P dropped him as a student due to their absentee policy. Justin's student loans were pulled, and they were left with no money to live off of. He is still fighting with the U of P to get his student status back. He applies to several jobs a week but is considered "overqualified" for some, and for others he is rejected because he doesn't have a college degree. Rachel's parents are helping with utility costs and Justin's parents are helping with mortgage payments.

During this whole ordeal, they have maintained an amazing attitude. Any stranger who meets them would never know that they struggle daily to make ends meet. On the outside, they are happy, funny, and giving, even though on the inside they are stressed. Rachel is generous with her talents, teaching a weekly card-making class at the church (she is an awesome scrapbooker). She also gives a financial break to those who she babysits who are also in a financial bind. They have us up at least once a month to eat dinner. They offer to watch our kids when we want to go on a date because they know that we cannot afford a babysitter.

A few weeks ago, while having dinner with them, Rachel commented that they needed a new family picture before Carter got old enough to realize that he was not yet in the picture. Their last professional photo shoot was 5 years ago. They are an amazing family who could use some good news at this time of year. Despite their struggles, they continue to give to all those they meet. I think it's time that they received something in return."

CheapShots will be donating a free photoshoot to this family.
All Things Sweet and Sassy has volunteered to provide tutus for the girls and a marshmallow gun for the boy.

Here's how you can help:

Clothes: Girls sizes 10/12 and 7/8, Boy size 2T and 3T. Used, new, however you have them, bring them.
Food: The easiest food would be canned or in boxes would probably be the best, but we'll take anything for this family. Gift cards to restaurants might even be a fun thing. I know I have a couple lying around that I can donate. Coupons might also be something useful.
Cash: Cash or check donations will be accepted, (honestly, cross my heart hope to die!). Put it in an envelope with title "Family in need". It can be left in a drop box or mailed. If you write a check you can make it to CheapShots photography, and we will cash it for you and take it to the family for you(if you are weary of leaving cash in an envelope... I don't blame ya!)
Toys: Their little boy is 2, and I can only imagine how his face would light up with some unwanted toys. If you know of toys that the girls, ages 7 and 8 would like please feel free to include those.

My address is 529 S 1550 E. in Spanish Fork. You can leave all item donations near my back door. If you are donating money I have a black drop box right next to my chimney that I check religiously to make sure pictures are getting picked up and prints are being paid for. If you aren't comfortable leaving a donation there, I would be glad to arrange a time to meet with you, whether it's for an item or money.

Really and truly, I would love if my driveway was SO piled full of things for this family I had to take 10 trips to Sandy just to get it all to them. Thank you for your support. For those of you who have the ability to give more this holiday season, please consider this family.

We would like to have anything donated by December 17 if it's going up at the time of their photoshoot. We will keep taking donations afterward, in case you got something for Christmas that you don't want or think they could use. We will make one more trip in Mid-January.

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