February 25, 2010

CheapShots Partners with Professional Print Shop

Attention attention! We have SPECTACULAR news!

CheapShots! Photography has now partnered with a PROFESSIONAL Print company to bring you a few new and high quality things:

1. Better quality prints and enlargements
2. Mounted Prints (black foam backing)
3. Surface Mounted Prints (textured, black foam backing)

Cool huh? And because of the partnership, our prices will be lower than other print shops locally :) That's a big WAHOO for us and you both!

Here are the prices for the PROFESSIONAL Grade prints! Please note we are keeping pricing for both types of prints, so if you want professional prints you can make the choice, or if you want our level two prints (one step above Wal-Mart, Costco or Sam's) then you have your options!

4x6 = $1
5x7 = $2
8x10 = $10
11x14 = $20
16x20 = $30
20x30 = $45

Here are the Level 2 print prices in case you need them. These are still good prints, just not as spectacular as these others. The prices are VERY Comparable, thanks to our new partners.

4x6 = .25
5x7 = $1
8x10 = $5
11x14 = $10
16x20 = $20
20x30 = $30
Wallets 1.50/sheet, 4 per sheet

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