April 15, 2010

Tips for GREAT pictures!

Hey guys!! First off! Thanks a million for giving CheapShots! the best shoots and customers ever. We love our clients and our photo shoots are always fun because of YOU!

Everyday we are asked dozens of questions by you on where to go, what to wear, and some of you have even confided that your kids are devils :) *LOL*

So in lieu of these fun and hilarious conversations, I want to give you some tips on how to make the most of your appointment whether it's a kid you are paranoid won't smile, or the fact that you don't like your weight.. there's a trick for everything :)

1. I look FAT: Wear black... yes it's that easy. Black is slimming. We can actually make black darker when we are editing, which means we can hide any extra and unwanted curves you may have. If you don't want boring black pictures, spice it up a bit and do black and gray, or black & white & hot pink like our spaztic logo j/k. Anyway, another thing you can do is wear something like a jacket or cute vest that covers your sides/mid section, or a longer stylish shirt that diverts your attention away from your wider areas. OH! And we can always take pictures from the waist up if you tell us to, no problem at all!

2. My kids are Horrible!! Bring a family member or friend that they are familiar with, a bright colored or loud "something" that they like. (This works for husbands too *LOL*) Remember these two things: #1 Kids are often intimidated by the huge black monster that flashes at them, #2 and the stranger saying weird things like "cheese" or "funky monkey" probably doesn't help. I think you see where I'm going with this... diverting their attention to someone or something familiar that can make them laugh or catch their attention is a great thing, even if they aren't looking right at the camera. They are smiling instead of crying, and we're able to snap some candid pictures of them.

3. What time of day is best? Well, early, or late... but not the middle!! Sometime in the morning between 8:30 and 11:00 is ideal to do pictures. The lighting is AMAZING!!! Usually between 12-3 the sun is harsh (unless it's a rainy day) and you will get a lot of shadows in your picture and across your face... and squinty eyes. I would also recommend doing pictures in the evening sometime after 3:30 and before 6:00 This is also a good time, and more convenient most people who prefer sleep over perfect lighting!

4. What should I wear? Mom, pick your favorite outfit that has no more than 3 colors. Then let the rest of the family dress in the colors in your favorite outfit. This is great for fun and professional type pictures. If you are going for a more serious/collected look, stick with two colors. You can never go wrong with black or white shirts with jeans. You just can't.
For individuals: Bright is usually the best the best way to go for individual shoots. Bright, or you can always choose what I call a stylish outfit, meaning it's not a bold color, but a bold style that really shows who you are.

5. I don't know where to have my pictures taken: Call us or look at different months on our website. Tell us about you and your family, what colors you like, other pictures you have seen that you would like to do something similar to. We've been here a while now, I'm preeeeeeeetty sure we can come up with something you will love. You can also go through our website and look at other family pictures. I can tell you what time of day they were taken, and in what month. There's nothing wrong with doing the same thing as some else, especially if you have NO IDEA who you are copying.

Well Guys, I think that's it! Again, thanks for making what we do so fun and enjoyable!! If there's anything we can do for you, please don't hesitate to send us an email: cheapshotsllc@yahoo.com or call 801-691-6746.

Here's to a GREAT summer!!!!! Don't forget to smile :)

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