June 23, 2010

Buy ONE Shoot Get ONE half off!!!

Kick some savings!!

You have TWO options

Option 1:
You and a friend both purchase the same shoot, and book them back to back, and you will get them for 25% off each, or buy one get one half off! You don't have to do your shoot by July 3 when this promo ends, just BOOK it in future, just CALL us by July 3. The sooner the better, because we are going to be all sorts of busy in July and August, and then the Fall-time hits.

Option 2:
Buy 1 gift certificate, get the other 1/2 off! They have to be the same shoot (ie 30 minute:30 minute, or 60 minute:60 minute) etc. You have NO limit on these.

AND!! The best news... you can purchase the gift certificates or shoots on PAYPAL!! We jut need your email address. The gift certificates don't expire until December of 2011, which is 1.5 years away. SO this would probably be a great gift for a birthday, or a holiday, or to hang onto and use as a "thank you".

If you have any questions, call or email! 801-691-6746, or cheapshotsllc@yahoo.com

Here's what the gift certificates look like. ALSO, if you refer someone else to us, you can get a free 8x10 if they purchase ANYTHING, like a shoot or gift certificate.

Welcome Summer :)

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