August 11, 2011

$10 off for saying "HI"

We are going to have a booth at the Utah County Fair in Spanish Fork August 17-20 again this year!  Here's what we are doing!

*free balloons for the kids (and dad too!)
*free t-shirt drawing every two hours.  10, 12, 2, 4 and 6 each day
*free 1 hour shoot giveaway each day at 6pm
*$10 off coupon for visiting our booth or free 8x10 coupon
*Free keychain (super cute!!!!) for anyone who has had pictures done before
*SALE on all photo shoots.  We can book with you on the spot!  For anyone who books at the fair we will give you a 1 hour shoot for $85, and you can use the $10 off coupon
* We will let you book your $50 school pictures at the fair with us

*Our Hot Pink Bronco will be there, let your kids come climb in it!
* We will have tons of pictures blown up so you can see the quality of the pictures!  Our prices are super low, so we get asked all the time how large you can blow them up.... we'll SHOW ya!

IF you write us a quick email or call me to let us know you are stopping by our booth to book a shoot, I'll take your name and you can have a combo of $10 off and a keychain, or a free t-shirt and free 8x10 regardless of if you have ever done a shoot with us or not.  email:  number: Christy 801-655-3898

  I think that's a LOT of awesome reasons to come and say HI!!  We still need a few volunteers for the fair, so if you are interested I would be happy to trade family pictures for your help!  Call/text me if you can volunteer 801-655-3898 Christy

Come meet our team!

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