September 7, 2011

2 Monte Carlos Meet

This is from just under a month ago...I will admit that this was one of the most adventurous shoots I've ever been on!  Let me tell you our story.  The Red Monte Carlo belongs to Greg, the Silver to Sam.  Sam's from Michigan and decided he wanted to turn his Monte Carlo into a super car.  He was on the internet and found Greg, by looking at the website for Paul's Automotive.  Paul's took Greg's Monte Carlo and made it run amazing!  Sam tracked down Greg, and the project began.  Sam had Paul's (more specifically Matt from Paul's Automotive!)  start working on his car.  I believe it's been 2+ years in the making.  I was able to be there when Sam drove it for the first time.  Greg met up with us and we headed into the Canyon for a shoot.  There will be video footage from our adventure soon.  Watch Hot Rod Magazine, let us know if you see Sam's car in there!  Thanks for letting me do this shoot guys!  When Todd, our videographer gets the footage completed I will post the videos!


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